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The Lit Coven is a book club that loves the fantasy genre

We're a group of people really into all things witchy and weird.

With us, getting nerdy is expected, gushing over fictional crushes, making friends, and visiting far-off places together can happen easily.

Witches? We love 'em. In fact, we've got quite a few resident witches in our group!

Pirates? Yes, please. We've got a couple of those too. Luckily our book club is online, so their daggers won't scratch ya.

Fae? Ears long or short, winged or warts, we love you all.

Join Us!

We use Discord to come together to chat about all things bookish.


Each book we read together has a separate thread to let out all the feels.


Not reading a specific book? No worries, mute the chat. Plus, Discord let's us hide spoilers. It's like it was made for readers like us.


We've got a main chat room for non-specific topics and a dedicated chat room for all things witchy if you're into that!


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By following this link, you will be taken to Discord to join.

lit [lit]

noun informal.

1. literature

coven [kuhv-uh n, koh-vuh n]


  1. a collection of individuals with similar interests or activities

  2. an assembly or band of usually 13 witches


"Lit" & "Coven." Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 18 Aug. 2018.


A Curse So Dark and Lonely

by Brigid Kemmerer

Start: March 1, 2020



Choose Your Own Adventure

in Discord

Start: April 1, 2020



The Lit Coven Pin and Bookmark

All funds go to keep this website running and for future Coven-Member-Only giveaways!

Bookmark- 2"x 7.5"

Pin - 1.25" diameter